宇治市在住 カタリン氏 紹介


Mrs. Katalin Petschner-Peto, who is temporally staying with her family in Uji, Kyoto prefecture now. She is originally from Hungary and studied at one of Cambridge colleges in the UK. This was her second major, Fine Art, after she had studied pharmaceutics in Hungary. Now she is interested in Japanese art. She hoped to make her own art with Japanese paper “washi” and Japanese black ink “sumi”. She was looking for “washi” paper in Kyoto but she could not find any shops which have English speakers to help her. Then accidentally she found our company’s home page (http://kodo-kyoto.jp/) and she came to our company. We could support her to find the right washi paper. She was very happy to use them and make her own art. After she finished making her project, she joined a private group exhibition and displayed it in London. It was very successful. She also introduced our company there. Both of us were happy. After the exhibition, she ordered to make a “shikishi” Japanese paper with her artwork. We are good at making “shikishi” paper products at our small factory here in Kyoto. We are happy to contribute her artwork and also introducing our Japanese culture. We think it will lead to cultural exchange, which will finally lead to world peace. We believe so.


Katalin Petschner-Peto

Hungarian artist, lives & works in Uji, Japan

Katalin Petschner-Peto is an international artist originated from Hungary. She finished her artistic studies at ARU, Cambridge (UK) in 2020. Her pharmaceutical background gives her a technical viewpoint that when combined with the freedom of artistic expression allows for the creation of something that is both exacting and exhilarating. She often uses medical imaging as inspiration and represents her subjects through natural patterns. Currently, her focus is introspective and encompasses different approaches to the process of self-investigation.